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Nine To Stream All Their TV Stations Over The Internet

Nine To Stream All Their TV Stations Over The Internet

The move is seen as a way for these TV networks to circumvent reach rules and could put pressure on the Turnbull Federal Government to review medias laws as they currently stand. 
The official announcement will be made next Wednesday when the Nine Network reveals its new shows and sales strategy for 2016.

Under the current rules Metropolitan TV networks are restricted from reaching more than 75 per cent of the population using their broadcast networks.

Fairfax Media said that Seven’s streaming app, which will be launched on Melbourne Cup Day, was more controversial than Nine’s because Seven lobbied successfully against proposals to abolish the reach rule earlier this year, while Nine supported the idea.

However, the bosses of regional stations, which pay to rebroadcast the metro network’s channels and own only limited content, said Nine’s plans were further confirmation the reach rule should be scrapped as a matter of urgency. 

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Chairman Rod Sims told Fairfax Media that relaxing the reach rule “might unlock stronger players who could compete with News Corporation” and “could actually add diversity in ownership of media”.

“The rule is pretty clearly, I think, redundant in the sense that you can’t own a television station that reaches more than 75 per cent, but you can stream to 100 per cent of Australia. Now Seven is streaming, that really shows the law is just being made redundant by technology,” he said.