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Samsung Now Into Curved + Physical With New Tizen Remote

Samsung Now Into Curved + Physical With New Tizen Remote

The new remote inherits the same ‘curved DNA’ of the Samsung TV and the ‘intuition’ of the Tizen OS Samsung executives have said.  

By applying a rectangle design and the introduction of a new physical button Samsung has now gone back to the basic shape of a remote control to ensure what executives are calling ‘convenience.’

Last year’s curved TV models had an oval design remote control but this year the company applied ‘curved’ to the remote control. 

Samsung Australia is set to release a new low-end 32-inch full HD curved (1920?1080) TVs, this year, it will also come with a curved remote control. Samsung has dropped the silver colour, which it has been using since 2013, instead the Company has gone back to using to black as a key design colour. .

The big difference is that the button is more ‘touch’ than ‘physical.’ 

In 2013, Samsung attempted to migrate the smartphone experience to its TVs with the introduction of a ‘full touch pad’ which took up 2/3 of the remote control.

In 2014 they reduced the size of the touch pad in a bid to combine the user experience of the TV and smartphone. In 2015 the company has moved to introduce physical buttons, which most users are accustomed.

Samsung executives claim that the physical buttons are said to enhance intuition and users’ accessibility far more than the touch method.

Samsung has also introduced smart TV function buttons including a four-way navigation and content play and pause button.

Frequently used buttons like the power, channel and volume buttons now protrude from the remote control, this is said to be beneficial to gamers. 

Due to the curved design the hand ‘grip’ has been improved so that the remote control can be easily used with one hand.