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$199 HTC Desire 650 Comes With High Res Audio

HTC,who are determined to hold onto their share of the prepaid smartphone market have released a smart looking $199 HTC Desire 650, it’s available from Vodafone.

The Taiwanese Company claims that their latest model raises the bar for entry level smartphones with it’s eye catching 50 per cent smooth and 50 per cent grooved design.The device also has a streamlined version of the HTC Sense platform as well as High Res audio capability.
Ben Hodgeson Country Manager for HTC said that the grooved texture delivers extra security in your hand with a firmer grip, while also letting you know just by touch which way is up.

The Gorilla Glass screen delivers a 720p 5″ display along with deep rich colours due to HTC engineering.

A successor to the 630, the new entry level device comes with HTC staples like front BoomSound speakers and “hi-res” audio. There is also a huge camera lens circle on the back that houses a 13 megapixel rear camera with backside illumination (BSI) sensor to produce vivid and detailed photos even in low-light conditions.

The sweep panorama enables shots up to 180˚ wide for landscape photos.

The 5 megapixel front camera is packed with a host of selfie features, including instant beauty mode, and auto and voice controlled shutter to quickly and easily capture snaps in high-quality.
Inserting a SIM card, or swapping your microSD when full are easy actions to do on the Desire 650, as there is simply a flap on the left covering both slots, and it is easy to pry open.

HTC Night Mode also offers a pleasant viewing experience in low-lighting, allowing you to easily use the phone at night without having to strain your eyes.
The HTC Desire 650 also comes pre-loaded with Google Photos this allows you to get unlimited cloud storage for your pictures.

The HTC BoomSound™ profile when paired with headphones offers high definition audio quality for a fully immersive experience whether you’re listening to your favourite songs, or sitting back to watch a movie.

With Google Play Music included and ready to go on the HTC Desire 650, you’ll also have your very own collection of up to 50,000 songs accessible anytime.
The device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 400 quad-core processor, that allows one to run multiple applications simultaneously with no trouble.

The HTC Desire 650 also offers a significant 16GB of storage, and has room for up to 2TB of additional space with its microSD™ expansion slot.

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