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TCL Gets Secure With Graphite Software

TCL Gets Secure With Graphite SoftwareThe partnership sees the availability of new Idol 3 OneTouch smartphones sporting the Secure Spaces software, which is tailored to meet the security and privacy requirements of enterprise customers and their employees.

The Idol 3 supports Graphite’s corporate owned and personally owned deployment models, with Graphite stating Secure Spaces allows apps and data used for company purposes to be remotely managed yet isolated entirely from the personal apps and data used by the employee.

“Unlike other approaches that require full device encryption, with Secure Spaces each Work Space is individually encrypted and supports separate security and password policies,” Graphite states. “The user is not forced to have a password on the Personal Space, yet the Work Space is still secure.”

Li Bing, Alcatel OneTouch vice president, stated the company’s enterprise customers “are looking for mobile solutions that will maintain or increase their security profile”.

“We provide a complete enterprise mobility management solution for operators and enterprises from the servers, devices and integration services needed to deliver value,” Bing commented. “Supporting a wide range of deployment models while protecting privacy is critical.”