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Optus Exposed Selling Banned Companies Smartphones

Following our story yesterday about Telstra’s relationship with banned Chinese Company ZTE several readers have contacted ChannelNews pointing out that Optus is also selling a range of questionable ZTE smartphones in Australia.

The Chinese Company is in fact bragging about their relationship with both Optus and Telstra with ZTE who are banned from being a supplier to both the US and Australia Federal Governments and to carriers rolling out 5G networks.

On their local web site the Chinese Company who have been described as a “major security risk” and of bribing organisations to get business as well as suppling banned Countries ZTE has set up both Telstra and Optus pages to show what they supply to carriers.

Both Optus and Telstra claim that they are security conscious but despite this they are still selling devices from questionable Chinese Companies who are facing new bans this week.

Both Optus and TPG Vodaphone are still supplying network gear and routers from banned Chinese Company Huawei despite the security risks associated with the communication equipment.

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