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Former LG Marketing Chief Launches SME Answers Website

The former Chief Marketing Officer of LG Australia, Angus Jones, has launched a holistic online library to assist small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with their business operations and growth – currently filled with over 70 how-to guides.

Launched in partnership with Channel 7 tech personality and Gadget Guy publisher, Val Quinn, the new website Small Business Answers seeks to collate the most common business information in ‘one place’ specifically for SMEs.

“Small business owners are passionate about their business. They want to succeed and sometimes they just need a little help. Small Business Answers is there to help when needed,” states Mr Jones.

To date, the website offers over 70 guides on topics such as finance, human resources, technology, marketing, strategy, legislation and more.

“Just the process of writing the content for this site proved that information sources are spread far and wide and many only tell half the story,” adds Jones.

“A small business owner does not have 6 months to research these topics like I did.”

The library expects to receive increased traffic during the tax-time months, with guides including assistance on accounting software, superannuation and more.

Other guides include information on deciding what computer is best to buy for you, drawing from both of their expertise in the technology arena.

“The site is dedicated to delivering practical, grounded and helpful answers so you can get back to doing what you love – running your business!” states Mr Val Quinn.

Jones and Quinn welcome suggestions from readers on new guides, if they cannot find one within its online library.

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