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Dodgy Xiaomi Smartphone Bursts Into Flames

Non-certified Xiaomi smartphones which are designed for the Indian market and have been known to burst into flames, are being sold in Australian market.

Authorised distributor of the Xiaomi devices Panmi claim that they have not been able to stop the importation of sale of these devices via questionable online sites.

Authorised and 100% certified versions of the popular Xiaomi Chinese smartphone are currently being sold at JB Hi Fi with the distributor urging consumers to buy from a reliable retailer such as JB Hi Fi.

A ChannelNews investigation has revealed that several online sites are selling unauthorised versions which are a real risk for consumers warns George Saad the COO of Panmi.

Some Xiaomi devices that were built for the Indian market where the brand is ranked #1 are literally bursting into flames.

Chavhan Ishwar bought an Indian market Redmi Note 7S smartphone and after one month the device had gone up in flames.

The incident left the phone permanently damaged with the battery area charred.

The product that was purchased online burst into flames while being charged on November 2. In Australia Panmi will not support or offer warranty to devices that have not been supplied to retailers by their organisation.

Mr Ishwar said that he left the device on his desk charging he then noticed smoke emanating from the phone there was also a heavy smell of burning plastic.

Within minutes the device went up in flames due to what Xiaomi says is a battery defect.

In Australia none approved devices do not have C tick approval which means that the supplied battery and charger they have not been certified to be charged in Australia.

“Many of the unauthorised devices being sold locally don’t have C Tick approval and are a real risk for consumers” claims Saad.

Another issue with these unauthorised devices sourced from India is that they can as was the case with Mr Ishwar contain counterfeit parts.

Xiaomi rejected Mr Ishwar’s claim because the battery was not a genuine Xiaomi battery.

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