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Windows 9 Revealed Sept 30

Windows 9 Revealed Sept 30 Microsoft said the company will talk “in broad strokes” about features aimed at corporate users.

Business-tech sales represent about two-thirds of Microsoft’s profit but the company alienated some corporate-PC users with the 2012 introduction of Windows 8. 

The operating software was designed to work best on touchscreen devices, and many corporate-tech buyers said the software didn’t work well on the typical office-worker setup. 

However, a new video claiming to be an early version of Windows 9 has been leaked by German site, WinFuture. 

Hailed as a hybrid between “Windows 7 and 8, the apps are located on the left hand side of the screen, there’s a new notification centre and the (much loved) Start menu is also back. 

The demo also shows users can juggle multiple desktop interfaces- from the Start menu you can pin and resize live tiles or have several other new options. 

Microsoft codenamed Windows 9 ‘Threshold’, and its becoming clear now why.