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Galaxy S6 Could Feature Built-In Wireless Charging

Galaxy S6 Could Feature Built-In Wireless ChargingThe hints are steadily being dropped as to potential S6 specs, with Samsung last week devoting a blog post to tracking the evolution of smartphone camera tech as it builds to the flagship’s expected launch in March ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The latest post tracks the history of wireless charging and the drive towards device integration and compatibility.

“Consumers have been crying out for a simple wireless charging solution that frees them from the need to carry several different chargers for multiple devices,” Seho Park, Samsung Electronics principal engineer IT & mobile division, states in the post.

“The goal has been to provide them with the ability to utilise one wireless charging dock that is compatible with all the devices they already own as well as all the devices they buy in the near future.”

Working towards standardising wireless charging technologies, Samsung is a member of the three organisations: the Wireless Power Consortium, the Power Matters Alliance and the Alliance for Wireless Power, with the latter two having announced this year they would join forces.

Park further notes components that support multiple standards on a single chip were released last year, while forecasting big things for wireless charging in 2015.

“It is expected that 2015 will be a landmark year for the growth of wireless charging deployment, as wireless charging stations will begin to appear in more and more public places,” he states.

“Samsung will accelerate to democratise this wireless charging technology with compelling smartphones. With our upcoming Galaxy smartphones, users will be able to enter a new wireless world like never before.”