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Turnbull: Game Of Thrones Downloaders Not On Metadata Radar

Turnbull: Game Of Thrones Downloaders Not On Metadata RadarFollowing yesterday’s introduction of the legislation into parliament, Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin indicated the scheme could be used to target illicit downloading of music and movies.

However, Turnbull has today stated the government will not be targeting people who infringe copyright online.

As reported by Fairfax Media, Turnbull today told the ABC the government is “not going after people who infringe copyright online”.

“That is a matter for rights holders,” Turnbull stated. “Clearly we do not support infringing copyright anywhere [and] copyright should be protected.  

“But … the AFP and ASIO and so forth frankly are not interested in whether you are illegally downloading a copy of Game of Thrones.  

“That is a bad thing to do, but I can tell you our national security agencies have got other things on their mind. ASIO and the Australian Federal Police have got other things to do rather than pursue people who are illegally downloading Anzac Girls or Game of Thrones or something.”

Meanwhile, Foxtel subscribers will continue to have access to new Game of Thrones episodes, with the pay TV provider, which has unveiled its line-up of new and returning programming for 2015, extending its partnership with HBO.

The agreement sees Foxtel offering exclusive access to all first-run programs by HBO.

Foxtel, which is set to add nine new HD channels to its satellite service, is also preparing for the launch of its BoxSets channel, providing subscribers live and any time access to programming including Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Band of Brothers, Wentworth, and Dexter.

Foxtel will launch a new pricing and packaging structure at the beginning of November.