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SuperZoom: Canon’s Two New PowerShot Cameras

SuperZoom: Canon

Ever wish you could get just that little bit closer to whatever it is you’re focusing on with your digital camera?
Without a great optical zoom, you’ll just end up with the bigger picture, when instead you might have really wanted to focus on the details – without resorting to software-based digital zooming after the fact.  
Canon is blasting to the rescue of the zoom-deprived with two new super zoom capable PowerShot cameras, the PowerShot SX520 HS and the PowerShot SX400 IS.

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The PowerShot SX520 HS has a huge 42x optical zoom, backed up by in-camera hardware-based digital zooming that takes you to a maximum 84x “ZoomPlus” mode.  

Then there’s its little brother, the PowerShot SX400 IS, with 30x optical zoom and a 60x ZoomPlus mode. 
The PowerShot SX520 HS offers a “Zoom Framing Assist Auto mode” which automatically adjusts the zoom to maintain subjects at a pre-set size within the frame. 
The camera uses this mode to “detect when a subject is close to moving out of the frame and automatically zooms out keeping the subject in frame”, while also smoothly pulling back “as a subject comes towards the camera to maintain their face at the same size.”
Both new models also include a low-shutter lag and ultra-fast AF (auto focus) so you can instantly shoot fast-moving subjects. 
In addition, the SX520 has a special “Creative Shot” mode that automatically applies apply any one of 46 special effects, as well as being able to record Full HD 1080P video at 30 fps (frames per second). 

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Meanwhile, the PowerShot SX400 IS features a range of “Creative Filters, including Fisheye and Monochrome, which can be added post-shooting, to enhance images.”

Canon says it doesn’t share recommended retail prices due to the competitive nature of the camera market, meaning consumers are advised to shop around for the best price, but says the two new models are heading to stores now. 
Featured specifications for each camera follow:
PowerShot SX520 HS          
– 42x Optical Zoom and 84x ZoomPlus means you can get closer to the action
– Zoom framing assist helps keep subjects in the frame at high magnification
– Capture sharp, crisp images and smooth, steady movies without shake with Optical Image Stabilizer with Intelligent IS
– Never miss any detail of the action with full HD (1080p) movies at 30p
– Take control and exercise your skills with Manual, Av and Tv modes
– Express your creativity with six creative filters (fish-eye effect, miniature effect, toy camera effect, monochrome, super vivid and poster effect)
PowerShot SX400 IS (available in red & black)
– Advanced zoom capabilities with 30x Optical Zoom and 60x ZoomPlus
– High Quality Image Output – features a DiG!C 4+ processor and 16MP CCD sensor for quality output
– Stay on the action with High Speed Autofocus and Intelligent IS
– Stunning photos even in low light – capture the detail of your scene with ISO of 400-6400 in low light and high speed burst modes
– HD movies at your fingertips
– Express your creativity with six creative filters (fish-eye effect, miniature effect, toy camera effect, monochrome, super vivid and poster effect)
– Enjoy the compact and lightweight body with an ergonomic grip