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Ziinkle Brings Online Dating Face To Face

Dating apps are becoming more and more mainstream as the way for people to meet potential partners. The convenience of having a group of people with the intent of meeting and dating at your fingertips is extremely convenient, but it does have its issues. Ziinkle, the latest dating app to come out of Australia is set to revolutionize the industry and bring online dating offline.

Dating apps are generally quite impersonal. You swipe through a collection of people like a machine gun, only to match with someone you later realize is not right for you. In fact, according to a report published by Ziinkle, singles using dating apps only end up going on dates with 11% of their matches.

84% of millennial users also would prefer to abandon the apps and meet people face to face, something that for most is much less convenient.

As a result, Melanie Leahy and Elisse Alexander founded Ziinkle, an app that helps you curate your night out based on where single people that are like you often go. Rather than mindlessly swiping, users are able to find out where to go, and have a real-world personal connection. Ziinkle gives you guidance and a tiny push for that leap of faith.

Tinder is the titan of easy access dating apps, which makes finding a partner as impersonal as ordering fast food, but way less easy. Credit: Alamy

The woes of dating apps are experienced by many, Melanie and Elisse included.

“In 2019 I came out of a long-term relationship and didn’t know how to get back into dating or where to go out to meet people. So, I downloaded a few dating apps, but the more I used them, the more frustrated I became because there was such a lack of connection and my matches rarely led anywhere. It’s challenging to make a meaningful connection with a digital profile. All I wanted was to meet someone in real life.” says Melaine.

Elisse felt the same way. “After spending hours during the week planning our nights out for the weekend to meet other singles, we thought, wouldn’t it be amazing if an app could help you make decisions on where to go out based on the people you wanted to meet and be around,”

Dating apps, despite their issues and a seemingly universal dissatisfaction, saw massive growth over the last decade, with the global market expected to be in excess of $11.2 billion by 2024. Aussie singles spend $120 million a year on dating apps, with annual revenue growth at 2.4%.

The issue faced by most new dating apps is that if they aren’t well known, they often have a small user base, which means those that do download the app, have nobody to swipe on, leading them to just uninstalling it. While Ziinkle doesn’t use the swipe formula as its core platform, it’s statistics are based on other Ziinkle users. However, their unique angle may get them past the hump of a small user base.

There are several dating apps that try to make the experience unique and new, such as Happn, which shows you people you have walked past. Ziinkle however is less of a dating app and more of a dating GPS, guiding you to where you can meet people authentically.

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