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Google Glass On Sale Next Week

Google Glass On Sale Next WeekAnnounced on a blog overnight, Google Glass will be on sale to the general public – from next Tuesday, for a cool US$1500 + tax, for one day only. 

“Next Tuesday, April 15th at 6am PDT, we’re opening up some spots in the Glass Explorer Program. Any adult in the US can become an Explorer by visiting our site and purchasing Glass for $1500 + tax.” The number of spots available is limited, says Google. 

Glass comes with in a range of shades and frames and Google recently partnered up with glasses giants including Ray Bans and Oakley so expect cooler frames, in the future.
Glass has a 5 MP camera, WiFi, high resolution display, which gives oddles of info like weather, maps, emails, and location specific info in real time. 
The only trouble is the odd looks you might get from passers by, although analysts predicts social acceptance will materialise, once Glass is perceived as cool and not weird. 
However, no Aussie release just yet. 
The search giant said: “To everyone outside the US… we know. Sorry 🙁 We’re just not ready yet to bring Glass to other countries.”
Google already had a number of Explorers testing the glass in everyday scenarios but said demand was too high. 
“Every day we get requests from those of you who haven’t found a way into the program yet,” according to the blog.  
Aussie start-up Pocketbook, who is making an app for Glass, is tipping the Google specs will be in OZ before the end of the year. 
Analyst Deloitte predicting big things for smart glasses, especially in enterprise citing uses in mining and other safety enterprises, allowing workers to multitask.
There’s also interest among consumers – today Telstra released data which showed one in ten Aussies are interested in using smart glasses.