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It Shrinked! Samsung S4 Mini Revealed

Not content with 5 inches, Samsung have downsized its hero S4 to a 4.3-inch screen – to make a mini. 

Announced overnight, Galaxy S4 mini will run the most up-to-date Android 4.2.2, with less powerful camera, processor. 

The smaller S4 has a 4.3-inch screen, 1.7GHz dual-core processor, 8MP rear camera (the original has 13MP) and 1.9MP front camera, and will come in 4G LTE or 3G+ options. 

The Galaxy S4 mini will have 1.5GB RAM, and 8GB storage. It also has Samsung’s new apps like S Travel, S Translator, S Health, and Story Album function.

Galaxy S4 mini will see the light of day for the first time at Samsung Premiere 2013 GALAXY & ATIV, London on June 20th. 

Samsung did not release pricing but Reuters are reporting the phone could sell for around $350. The S4 currently sells for high end price of $799 in Oz. 

“We appreciate such unprecedented demands for the GALAXY S4 that we aimed to provide users with life companion for a fuller, richer and simpler life. And now, we want to give people more choices with GALAXY S4 mini, similar look & feel of GALAXY S4 for more compact and practical usages ,” said JK Shin, CEO, Samsung Mobile

“The new GALAXY S4 mini provides consumers with a new way to enjoy the flagship GALAXY S4 experience.” 

Last week, Samsung said it had sold 10 million Galaxy S4 5-inch smartphones, released last month.
The No.1 phone maker globally has a strategy of making phones for all sections of the market, which analysts say is its major strength in an ultra competitive mobile race.