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YouTube Music Gears Up For Mass Update

YouTube Music has further intensified its growth trajectory, following reports the streaming service will soon receive a slew of new updates every fortnight.

After launching in May, the service has largely received mix reviews. However, reports suggest an onslaught of new updates will rectify several ‘missing features’.

The news follows mounting competition against Apple Music, with Roy Morgan asserting YouTube Music is a major threat to Spotify’s dominance.

As per engadget, Google plans to roll-out several YouTube Music updates on a regular two week schedule. It comes as Google prepares to replace its ‘Play Music’ service with YouTube Music in time.

Changes will reportedly include interface updates (e.g. album sorting options), filtering out musicians between YouTube & YouTube Music, and audio quality selection (for streaming or downloading).

As previously reported, Google intends to make YouTube Music a core complementary service to YouTube video, with over 1 billion people reportedly using the video platform to listen to music.

A common subscriber request concerned Android users storing music on a SD or hard drive  – a feature which is reportedly now rolling out.

As previously reported, in June YouTube Music poached former Spotify hip-hop programming lead, Tuma Basa, as its new Urban Music Director.

Mr Basa is known for curating Spotify’s iconic RapCaviar playlist, boasting around 9 million followers.

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