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“Without a Hitch”: Click Frenzy ’13:

"Without a Hitch": Click Frenzy “We’re delighted with the outcome” says Grant Arnott co-founder of the Click Frenzy ecommerce event, which took place yesterday. 

The 24 hour Internet event saw over 1 million consumers (1,061,000) visitors hit Click Frenzy affiliated sites scouring for e-bargains between 7pm Tuesday to 7pm the following day, it has been confirmed. 
Over 200,000 hit the in first hour – between 7- 8 o’clock Tuesday, alone.  
However, this 1.06m was over half a million less than last year’s traffic volumes. 
This is because last year frenzied IT meltdown actually boosted traffic as consumers were curious to see what the fuss was about, says Arnott, who says Click Frenzy systems went the 24 hour distance without a hitch, this time round.
This year, “frentic” consumers just wanted to shop. 
Electrical, toys and womenswear were the most sought after items. 
Target, Big W and Myer who enjoyed their second best online day ever after Boxing Day, and Bonds were among the most popular retailers. 
Over 300 took part, in all. 
Popular etailer The Iconic, recorded an all-time record sales day of over $1 million, doubling their result from Click Frenzy 2012.
Several retailers have already delivered orders to consumers, which is “what online shopping is all about”, says Arnott.
There are no official figures yet but event organizers predict sales figures for retailers in excess of the $15-$20 million estimates from 2012.
According to IBM, there was a 16% uplift in sales revenue in this year’s Click Frenzy event . 
“We wanted to make a point that we could achieve that” he told CN, referring the PR nightmare that was Click Frenzy 2012 which saw multiple retailer sites go into meltdown, and consumers cheesed off. 
At the midway mark on Wednesday, Click Frenzy was on track to equal 2012 traffic, but stalled throughout the remainder of the say, Arnott admits. 
He also admits there is “a lot to improve and a huge amount of work to do” to perfect the ecommerce event, likened to Cyber Monday in the US.  
And says event organisers will be in dialogue with retailers over the coming weeks. 
CF also needs a new way to stimulate consumer interest throughout the 24 hours to “keep energy flow.”
“But the first step is to get a good night’s sleep,” he says.