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Myer Say No To Westfield Online Mall

Myer Say No To Westfield Online Mall

Westfield this week revealed its plan for the online mall which it claims will feature more than 100,000 products and be the first in a global rollout of similar malls.

Westfield marketing director John Batistich claims it will change Westfield to a major online destination.

David Jones, Country Road, Cotton On and Sass and Bide are among the vendors which have already signed up for a place in the “mall” and Batistich had claimed Myer would be joining them early next year.

But Bernie Brookes, pictured, speaking after the store’s annual meeting in Melbourne, dismissed that notion, saying the mall plan was simply a way for Westfield to pocket large commissions on the sales of its retailer tenants.

This would only serve to weaken earnings for tenants and potentially push up prices for customers, he argued.

”We have got a very good web site, 90,000 SKUs (products), and we don’t need to use Westfield as an online web site,” he said.

Myer had earlier announced its online business would become profitable by full year 2015.

Asked why David Jones might have decided to sign up for the mall, Brookes said: ” I think the decision for David Jones to go into that is their decision. Ours is based on us being able to sell product at an effective price and not have someone else make a profit, and therefore we can pass that directly to the customer.”