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Yamaha Set $43K New Audio Component Standard

Yamaha will again continue to innovate and reinvent within the Hi-Fi market since coining the term 65 years ago with the unveiling of a brand new standard of components designed for only the most discerning and passionate audiophiles – the 5000 Series.

Initially set for an exclusive US launch between now and early 2020, the Yamaha 5000 Series speaker system and turntable includes the NS-5000PNST Speaker for $14,999.95 (MSRP), the C-5000 Preamplifier for $9,999.95 (MSRP), the M-5000 Power Amplifier selling for $9,999.95 (MSRP) and the brand new GT-5000 Turntable, coming next year for $7,999.95 (MSRP).

Obviously geared towards the high-end market, the $43K 5000 series set up is sure to redefine the term high-end, though no word yet on when Australian audiophiles will be able to get their hands on the new Yamaha 5000 series.

The 5000 series is a continuation and advancement of the Yamaha 1000 and 2000 series, the highly regarded, and still widely used Hi-Fi systems, according to Yamaha who introduced the units over 40 years ago.

Eight years of research poured into the 5000 series has allowed Yamaha to focus ‘less on the individual components and more on the immersive and uniquely moving experience created for the listener,’ according to Consumer Audio director for Yamaha Corporation of America, Alex Sadeghian.

“Achieving purity of sound is critical, and our new 5000 series was designed with this, and the discerning listener, in mind.”

The NS-5000 speakers incorporate tweeter, midrange and woofer diaphragms made of ZYLON, a high-strength and lightweight synthetic fibre that Yamaha claims to provide exceptional acoustic velocity to assist in the production of delicate audio details.

The white Japanese birch and piano black finished enclosure, which is also used on Yamaha grand pianos, includes a patented Acoustic Absorber to eliminate sound-absorbing material to ‘revive the original presence of the music’.

Supporting the speakers are the C-5000 Pre-amplifier and the M-5000 Power Amplifier.

The C-5000 features a fully balanced discrete circuit system that allows for less interruption in the circuitry to reduce signal transmission, power supply and ground connections.

The unit features custom heavy-duty brass feat to enhance stability and minimise vibrations.

Featuring six RCA (including phono) and four XLR inputs, plus three RCA and one XLR output, two trigger outputs and three RCA outputs.

A patented floating and balanced amplifier design are featured inside the M-5000 Power Amplifier which helps to reduce the signal path, minimising energy loss and lower impedance for high-fidelity performance.

The “float” feature removes the undesirable impacts of voltage fluctuations or ground noise.

High-precision meters sit behind Asahi glass, supported by custom-designed feet and pure brass speaker terminals.

Inputs include one RCA, one XLR and one trigger, with a speaker and one trigger outputs.

Inspired by the Yamaha GT (Gigantic and Tremendous) series, the GT-5000 Turntable includes a custom belt-driven system with quartz timing to assist in minimising the influence of the motor on audio output.

The carbon fibre and copper-plated aluminium straight tonearm is rigid, with balanced weight for improved traceability across records.

Featuring a heavy 5.2kg outer platter and 2kg inner platter combined with the custom heavy-duty feet increase the stability of the system.

The heavy wooden cabinet features the same piano black finish as the Yamaha’s grand pianos.

To check out the new 5000 series, you can visit the sex exclusive “experience centres” located throughout the US.

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