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Yamaha Optimises Audio Control With New Compact Game Mixer

A compact new game mixer, specifically designed for audio and aimed at those looking for optimum control and flexibility over their sound environment, has been released by Yamaha.

Yamaha’s new ZG02 compact game audio mixer (RRP A$ 299.99) is ideal for gamers or live streamers with limited desk space. It’s designed for plug and play with the PlayStation 5/4 and Nintendo Switch and includes controls which allow for volume and sound effects to be adjected on-the-fly.

The free ZG Controller software allows users to create customisable voice effects and to alter voice sounds. It also assists in microphone set-up using the built in essentials such as compressor, limiter and EQ plus a noise gate.

It includes quick recall preset buttons plus the essential quick mute button.

The ZG02 is compatible with surround sound of up to 7.1 channels via the PC USB-C connection, and its compatibility with Elgato Stream Deck controllers allows users to easily manage their audio settings during broadcasts.

The ZG02 features several game enhancement focus modes’ to help users reduce background nose, while the 3D Chat Space allows users to assign exactly, within their headphones’ 3D sound field, where to hear the game chat coming from.

The compact game audio mixer includes a precision fader for adjusting the overall microphone volume, microphone gain switch (with three levels of preset), dials for adjusting the microphone monitoring levels, game party chat and game audio – all functioning as their own independent adjustment.

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