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Lenovo To Unveil New AI PCs At MWC

Lenovo is said to be revealing it’s latest AI devices and infrastructure solutions, along with two new device concepts challenging the traditional PC and smartphone form factors.

The company’s first AI PCs were launched at CES, and with their vision for ‘AI for All’ at MWC, Lenovo will unveil several new AI PCs, along with edge computing solutions.

It expects the trend of hybrid AI to fuel demand for AI PCs and AI smartphones.

Lenovo’s AI PCs are designed and engineered to perform tasks including reasoning, problem-solving, and learning.

They create a user-machine bond, bringing tailored experiences amplified by AI, stronger computing power and larger storage.

Over time, the models adapt to the user’s preferences and habits for a more personalised experience.

Additionally, Lenovo are planning on revealing several next-generation infrastructure solutions for telecom, that will assist businesses with harnessing vast bodies of data at the far edge for transformative AI applications, while reducing energy consumption of cloud services.

At MWC, the company will also show two new concept products for the first time, Motorola’s adaptive display concept, a world-first product which uses a FHD+ pOLED display that can be bent and shaped into different forms, as well as an innovative laptop form factor.


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