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Appliance Market “More Competitive” Admits e-Tailer

Appliance Market "More Competitive" Admits e-Tailer Appliances Online (AO) launched a high profile ad campaign last week featuring its new brand hero, ‘The Legend’, in new TV ads screened nationally, as well as on radio, online and outdoor. 

The high profile brand campaign, highlighting its ‘legendary’ customer service creds, is also partnering with Channel 9’s Big Brother and MMM’s Grill Team. It’s the e-tailer’s largest ad national blitz to date. 

CN caught up with Appliance Online CEO John Winnings to talk white goods and why the market is heating up. 

“The industry is becoming more competitive” says the e-tail boss but believes it’s not necessarily attributed to rise of sexy, smart appliances with Wi-Fi connection.

“There are many factors at play including the rise of technology which has given consumers greater information about price comparison, product quality, and the service provided by retailers.”

But Winning isn’t worried about the threat from new competitors like JB Hi-Fi Home, who are fast expanding its stores and online offering. 

“Competition is healthy” and he “welcomes” new players in the appliance space, but notes Appliance Online “exceptional” customer service and delivery, gives it the edge.

The online-only appliance retailer offer free, next-day delivery, connection and removal, anywhere in Australia. 

“Increased competition forces retailers to push boundaries to improve their offering. At the end of the day the consumer will be the winner as competition generally gives them greater choice and improved service.”

The e-tailer, which is part of the Winnings Group, established in 2005, and was at the forefront of the internet commerce revolution. Its nationwide delivery offering has been a model other retailers have tried to replicate, years later. Some still have not got it right. 

“Although we are very price competitive, our biggest focus is our exceptional customer service and this is what our brand campaign centres around,” says Winning.  

“Unlike many other appliance retailers, our centralised distribution network of trucks and drivers enables us to control the whole stage of the customer journey. “

“Although price is obviously important it’s not the only consideration for consumers. Convenience, customer service, and after sales service is also top of mind.” 

Its the only Australian online retailer with a 24/7 local support centre, something which consumers value. Sister company, Handy Crew was also set up to provide a ‘one stop shop’ appliance installation service.
Appliances Online is continuing to experience “robust growth – we are constantly investing in our technology, logistics, and customer service.”

Home automation is also the next big thing for appliances, he predicts. 

“Appliances of today are smarter and more advanced. Automated appliances have already hit our shores however I think the capabilities of these appliances will reach new heights in the coming years.”  

Integration is already “on trend” will continue to see this trend embraced in Australia.

Image credit: BRW