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Foxtel About To Drop Prices?

Foxtel About To Drop Prices?Foxtel is preparing to drop the price of its premium pay TV package below $100 in a bid to match lower priced internet rivals, according to reports. 

Last week, it chopped the pricing of its on-demand service Presto, by 50% to just $10 per month.

The move comes as Foxtel gets ready for to release its ‘treble play’ offering – combining  new broadband service, TV and phone in one neat package. The move to treble play is a natural one considering the Pay TV monopoly is 50: 50 owned by News Corporation and Telstra.  
Australian get stung far more for Pay TV services like Foxtel, compared to our UK and global counterparts. 
This is now becoming more clear as online operators move onto its once sacred turf, offering all-you-can-eat services starting at $10 per month like Quickflix, FetchTV and pretty soon, Netflix. 
In the UK, Sky TV, also part owned by News Corp, offers Pay TV, Broadband & Talk starting at the equivalent of around A$55 per month.
However, Foxtel’s package is unlikely to be that low. 
A spokesperson said: “We will also be launching iQ3. Both of these initiatives will be supported by significant marketing campaigns. We’ll be making announcements about pricing of the new box and the triple play bundles in due course.”