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Hitachi Set To Launch Very Smart Large Screen Ecofriendly 4K TV’s In OZ

Hitachi Set To Launch Very Smart Large Screen Ecofriendly 4K TV

Several major TV retailers are currently vying to range the new Hitachi range which is tipped to be cheaper than similar major brand TV’s they will range in size from 42″ to 65″ and consist of both 4K and LED LCD HD models. 

In the past Hitachi TV’s have only been sold in small sizes after Hitachi exited the Australian market five years ago.

Senior executives from Tempo the Australian distributors are working closely with senior Japanese management to deliver the range in Australia.

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According to Yutaka Jack Okuda the General Manager of Global Marketing and Hitachi Board member Australia is a key market for the Company, speaking to SmartHouse at CES 2014 he said that the new range of Hitachi TV’s will be designed in Japan but manufactured in China under strict Hitachi conditions. 

“We are still a leading developer of display technology and our new range reflects new eco technology as well as the very latest in 4K display technology”. 

With Australian free to air TV stations set to launch HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) later this year, Hitachi has already built this technology into their display screens. This allows users to automatically access HbbTV content which is set to be put to air by Seven, Nine and Ten networks. 

Also built in is ARC ready technology that allows users to only have to use one HDMI cable to install a home theatre system.

Unlike conventional LCD TVs, the new Hitachi LED-LCD TV offers an eco-friendly, mercury-free source of LED backlight and use 40% less power than a conventional TV.

When it comes to Smart TV functionality the new Hitachi range has Miracast which allows users to stream content easily from a tablet or notebook to the TV with a simple click of a button. With Wi Fi Hyperlink you can flick any content without any file restrictions. 

Because Australia has a lot of bright light Hitachi has built in an eco-sensor that is designed to automatically adjust the backlight without compromising the picture quality. 

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The technology automatically analyses a room’s ambient lighting and picture content, and adjusts the backlight to optimise power efficiency. They have also built in a new technology called Hyper Motion that delivers a significantly improved picture especially when watching sport. 

The TV’s also have Wi-Fi Streaming, this allows a user to connect a wireless keyboard, or use your smart phone or tablet to control the Hitachi TV. You can also connect a wireless USB keyboard to the USB port on the side of the TV and use your own keyboard for text entry or surfing.

With the market now moving to attached boxes that are capable of delivering content from both the Internet and dedicated streaming services Hitachi has introduced a slim PVR that also comes with built in Internet Radio capability. 

The Japanese Company is also launching a new wireless sound bar that will deliver up to 400 watts of output. 

Hitachi executives at CES said “Our new range which incorporates a lot of advanced Smart TV and ecofriendly technology is among the best display technology in the world, we are now deliver both 4K and advanced LED TV technology without the high pricing that some brands are asking in the market”. 

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