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Ultra Thin AOPEN Digital Engine

Ultra Thin AOPEN Digital EngineA new fanless, ultra-thin media player, the Digital Engine DE3250, has been unveiled by digital signage specialist AOPEN. 

The DE3250 is built with the Intel Celeron quad-core Processor N2930, based on a new low-power, high-performance microarchitecture. It measures 25mm/0.98inch thin, so is highly portable. 
Containing no ventilation holes, the Digital Engine is flagged for use as digital signage, transportation, hospitality and kiosk type applications. It supports Windows 7/8.1 and Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS). 
Based on Intel N2930 SoC, features high-tech “cooling ribs” which maximises the use of the available airflow and dissipation of heat, and suitable for low-noise environments. 
The system is shock proof thanks to its fanless design and the solid-state disk (SSD).
DE3250 features include: 
? Dual Display via HDMI x2
? Memory support DDR3Lx2 (support for up to 8G)
? 1333MHz Dual Channel
? Dual Lan plus Wi-Fi support

? COM port
? Mounting kit
? Minicard expansion slot x2
? TV tuner card support
? Watchdog timer for device monitoring and control