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Xiaomi’s Stunning Wrap-Around Screen Display On The Mi Mix Alpha

More details of Xiamoi’s Mi Mix Alpha concept smartphone have been unveiled by a popular YouTube channel, just months after the company released renderings and videos of its wrap-around screen.

Last September, the Chinese smartphone company gave fans a first glimpse of its stunning Mi Mix Alpha concept smartphone that sports an almost complete wrap-around screen display – but now MKBHD YouTube channel has gotten a hold on the phone and has showed it off in full capacity.

It means that Xiaomi has successfully brought its Mi Mix Alpha to life, and it looks just as immaculate as the renders and original videos showed, proving to the tech world that a wrap-around screen display is possible.

(Photo: YouTube/MKBHD)

(Photo: YouTube/MKBHD)

Here’s what we know:

Instead of entirely reinventing the smartphone with foldable technology, Xiaomi is taking on  the traditional smartphone form by almost entirely wrapping the display screen around the phone’s front, around the edges and to the back.

‘It’s a prototype of a cool idea they had,’ Brownlee said in his YouTube video.

‘What would happen if you took those curved edge displays and just curved them right over the back…’

To take a selfie, users flip the phone around to the back where a selfie viewfinder appears on the back screen, enabling users to take a selfie with the main rear camera – a 108-megapixel sensor that featured on the prototype.

(Photo: YouTube/MKBHD)

(Photo: YouTube/MKBHD)

The back end of the screen display can also act as a place for widgets and shortcuts, alongside sporting an incredible sleek aesthetic.

The side edges are also where users can find notifications and information like battery life, alongside volume touch switch.

While the Mi Mix Alpha is all incredibly exciting and impressive, the device is still just a prototype and there’s still an array of issues with a phone wrap-around screen.

You can watch Brownlee’s video below.

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