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Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro Smart Robo Vacuum Now In Oz

smart robot vacuum

Viomi, a new brand under Panmi, has launched its first product in Australia – the Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro smart robot vacuum.

The Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro has a slim body (measuring at 94.5mm) and enhanced climbing abilities for heights of up to 20mm, which allows the vacuum cleaner to travel through narrow spaces and over small obstacles.

It has 2,100 Pa of suction power, which Panmi claims allows it to collect everything from dirt and dust to gravel the size of soybeans.

It is equipped with a washable HEPA Filtration system and can trap the micro dust particles that would otherwise float back into the air. The cost-saving and environmentally friendly designed HEPA filter aids with maintenance as it can be easily cleaned and reused.

The Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro is also designed to be quiet, maintaining a low noise level of 69-76dB.

smart robo vacuum cleaner and mop

Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro

It has three cleaning modes: Sweep, Mop, and Sweep + Mop (a two-in-one function). These three modes are segregated into three large tanks currying up to 550ml per tank to reduce the frequency of cleaning out cartridges.

The battery lasts up to 2.2 hours, and is automatically recalled back to its charging station when the battery is low, and resumes its task once it is charged up to 80% power.

It is equipped with smart Laser Distance Sensor and Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping. This technology allows users to schedule the cleaning of different areas of their home via the Mi Home App. The Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro itself can build a virtual map around the house through the app.

Xiaomi Australia is offering a special discount for the Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro priced at $499 (originally $599), available now at Mi-Store Australia.


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