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Xbox Gamers Declare War On Halo: Infinite PC Aimbot Cheats

Hardcore Halo: Infinite fans on Xbox want cross-platform multiplay switched off due to a rash of PC cheaters spoiling things with aimbots, a hack that lets first-person shooter gamers zone on a target automatically.

Xbox gamers have also complained their real-life rivals are using “wall hacks” to allow them to trace them through walls during combat.

Cheaters are also said to be blocking video replays showing their dodgy acts in Theatre Mode to hide evidence.

There is currently no option for Xbox players to limit their multiplay to other Xbox users, so for the time being they have to put up with the situation.

There is also no anti-cheat platform on PC, and developer 343 Industries aren’t yet doing much to stop them.

Halo: Infinite isn’t the only game facing this problem, but makers of games such as Call Of Duty have been working harder to shut out the mods and hacks causing disruption to fair gameplay.

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