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New Microsoft Office This Week

New Microsoft Office This Week

The big software Company has sent out  invitations to a press event on Monday in San Francisco with insiders tipping a brand new suite of application tools.

Office 15 has been in beta since January 2012, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, will host the event.

The new software will be accessed via Metro like ikons that they look to borrow heavily from the bright, clean presentation seen in Windows 8.

In addition to bundling in Microsoft Lync (an instant messaging client), other programs like Word and Excel will be integrated with cloud services like SkyDrive, My Office, and Facebook according to sources.

Microsoft recently demonstrated beta copies of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote during a preview video of its Windows 8 ARM work. Office 15 includes a flatter look and feel, based on the company’s Metro design language. The applications are desktop ones, not the new Metro style that Microsoft is creating for Windows 8 said Verge.

Microsoft has included more white space, and uses fewer lines in an effort to focus on content. The ribbon menu appears to be removed or hidden in the demonstration, hinting that Microsoft may be moving away from this user experience for Office 15. The company didn’t reveal any additional details today but it’s clear that Office 15 is visually different from its predecessor, Office 2010.