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Samsung’s 40″ LCD Lets You Grab Information


Samsung and Microsoft’s SUR40 is a 40″ screen computer running Windows 7 that can recognise 50 points of contact at any one time.

According to Samsung, each individual pixel “has a camera element” that “enables users to grab digital information with their hands and interact with content through touch.” It also employs PixelSense technology to accurately identify input from multiple people at the same time.

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The “Samsung SUR40 helps make large amounts of information engaging and visually dynamic – providing a new solution that can deliver impact for Australian business,” said Tony Ignatavicius, Director of IT at Samsung Electronics Australia.

The SUR40 uses a Corning Gorilla Glass coating to protect it from shock and liquid damage, which allows it to be used horizontally as a table, mounted vertically on a wall or embedded into other fixtures and furniture.

It can connect to a variety of peripherals—including a bar code scanner—via WiFi, Bluetooth or Ethernet.

Samsung’s SUR40 is available now through Samsung distributor and reseller partners for $12,975. 

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