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Why IS Nexus 4 $97 Pricier At Harvey’s?

Why IS Nexus 4 $97 Pricier At Harvey’s?

The added $97 Harvey Norman is charging for the 16GB Nexus 4 outright – the powerful quad core Google phone made by LG – reflects added costs of selling including marketing, supply chain and retail costs, an LG spokesperson told SmartHouse.

Although currently sold out, the 4.7″ HD Nexus 4 was retailing at $399 on Google Play, when it outsold after 20 minutes in November last.

However, 4.7″ HD Nexus 4 can also be bought on Optus plans, over eight in all. However, it will be sold at Harvey’s only, and no other local retailer will stock the smartphone.

And will Nexus 4 be hitting Google Play for Aussies again, after its mammoth sell out?

“We anticipate Nexus 4 will be available again soon on Google Play,” an LG exec told SmartHouse.

However, exactly how “soon” is anyone’s guess as it’s a global supply issue, not a local one, the spokesperson said.

LG ran into severe shortages of Nexus 4 which sold out almost immediately after it went on sale on Google Play and has not been available since, with both Google and LG blaming each other for the shortages.

Cathy Robin, director of LG Mobile France, blamed Google sales predictions for the supply boo-boo, telling a French publication this week:

“Supply problems are not necessarily completely related to LG. Google presented forecasts according to sales predictions, based on their sales history for the previous Nexus.

“However they were lower than the actual demand. The current shipments from LG to Google match what has been preordered on the Google Play site.

“We still ship them regularly. But it’s ‘just-in-time’. That’s why the Nexus 4 is always in showing as sold out and potential buyers have the feeling they can’t buy it.”

She also indicated by February “there will no longer be any tension in the market” between demand and supply.