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Why Is Hisense Concealing A Claimed $3.37M Fraud

Questions are now being asked as to why Chinese Company Hisense Australia has not reported a claimed multimillion dollar fraud at the TV & Appliance Company to external authorities to investigate.

In a statement to ChannelNews Hisense Australia said, “We will not be commenting on any criminal investigation.”

The question now is

When we contacted the Victoria Police Fraud Squad, they claimed that they know nothing of a claimed fraud at the Chinese owned Company.

They also claim that no fraud has been reported to them involving a Hisense employee.

Some insiders have claimed that the Chinese Company is “wearing the cost because it’s embarrassing for the business”.

The alleged fraud was initially identified by staff at the Melbourne based Company, who have admitted to major problems with their internal systems.

After being reported several staff were terminated by Chinese management running the business including former customer service staff.

Xifeng Zhang the Managing Director of Hisense Australia has not commented. According to several sources he “struggles” with the English language.

Xifeng Zhang Managing Director Hisense Australia

He is being shielded by a Sydney based PR Company.

In internal documents that were presented to a Hisense Fraud & Corruption briefing a former senior executive was named.

The document claims the individual “Counterfeited consumer complaints, fabricated and tampered with CRM system records, invented fictitious compensation amounts and took advantage of her position to collect consumer compensation from the Company over a six-year period”.
The document went on to claim that “The number of payments involved exceeded 1,200 and the amount of the fraud was as high as $3.37M”.

When ChannelNews spoke to the former employee, they said “If it had been that much ($3.37M I would not still be in Australia.”

Hisense Australia has had months to report the incident to the Victoria Police.

On Wednesday the 3rd of February 2021, Ran Sun, the HR and Admin Manager at Hisense Australia, sent an email to key staff claiming the executive management team at Hisense Australia had effective immediately dismissed one (Name withheld by ChannelNews) and that she had been dismissed because of serious misconduct.
Ray Sun HR and Admin Manager wrote the email to staff re dismissal.

“We have zero-tolerance for any fraud and ignorance of the company’s policies,” Ran Sun wrote.

According to staff who previously worked at the Company Chinese management “don’t trust Australians”.

One former employee said, “There is real mistrust of Australians and sacked management are being replaced with Chinese nationals who do what they are told and don’t question managers”.

ChannelNews has given Victorian Police information and documents that have been leaked to us.

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