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WeChat Ban Forecast To Hit Global iPhone Sales 25%

Renowned Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo warns global iPhone sales could be hit by as much as 25% – 30% should multi-purpose communications and mobile payment app, WeChat, be removed from the Apple App Store.

The news comes after President Trump signed an executive order last week, barring TikTok owner, ByteDance, and WeChat owner, Tencent, from doing business with American organisations.

It follows concerns of national security and data privacy, stemming from potential links to the Chinese government.

Reported by MacRumours, Kuo states the “critical” use of WeChat for Chinese consumers could tank global iPhone shipments 25% – 30% if removed, and hit shipments of other Apple hardware by 15% – 25% (e.g. iPad, Apple Watch, Mac).

He references the impact of similar bans on Huawei, saying even today component maker, Qualcomm, is lobbying the Trump administration for the chance to sell products to the Chinese smartphone maker.

Kuo claims a “best-case scenario” would see WeChat only removed from the Apple App Store in the United States – incurring only a 3% – 6% slump in iPhones, and less than 3% hit to other Apple hardware.

He highlights the importance of WeChat for Chinese consumers, with its role in integrating communications, news reading, productivity, payments and more.

Microsoft is currently in negotiations with American regulators over the purchase of TikTok, which it hopes to wind-up before the mid-September ban.

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