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We Will Be Back Bigger & Better

This is our last newsletter for 2021, we will be back on January 3rd live from CES in Las Vegas.

The team at 4Square Media thank you for your support and we wish will you all a safe holiday period and a very happy Christmas and New Year.

During the year we have broken some big stories in a year that has been impacted by COVID 19. Readership of both ChannelNews Plug and SmartHouse of hit record numbers and we are confident that we will continue to grow next year.

Below is our latest Gift Guide that will be available to over 20 million consumers click magazine  to open. 

How 2022 will shape up is anyone’s guess, but we what do know is that stock shortages and transport and still two of the top issues that will come back to impact the industry.

At CES 2022 we expect to see several new products emerge along with new categories. At 4Square Media we believe the future is about Lifestyle Technology and in 2022 we are set to launch several new initiatives which we hope will benefit both our readers and the industry at large.

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