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MSI WindPad Tablets Unveiled At CES 2011

  MSI WindPad Tablets Unveiled At CES 2011

The new introductions, running on Android and Win-Tel platforms, will feature G-Sensor gravity detection, ALS light sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity.

There have been reports that the Windows model may feature a 10.1 inch display, Intel Atom Oak Trail processor, Windows 7 Premium edition, a 1024×600 display as well as HDMI output, while the Android version may feature a NVIDIA Tegra 2 chip, 10.1 inch display, 1280×800 display inside a thinner frame.

MSI revealed its tablets at the 2010 CES though did not publicly release them to the consumer electronics market.

NEC is similarly revealing their own brand of tablets at CES 2011 with the Life Touch/Smartia tablet that will feature two separate 7 inch touch screens. Each screen is meant to run separate tasks simultaneously.

MSI revealed a similar dual-touch screen tablet at this year’s CES, while Toshiba unveiled their own rendition in June this year. The most recent dual touch screen presentation was by Taiwanese manufacturer, Acer, in November.

MSI and NEC join the flooding tablet market that has been predicted to house at least 60 distinct models from nearly 50 different manufacturers, according to ABI Research.

Research by Telsyte has also led to the prediction that Australians will buy over a million tablets in 2011.