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Record Growth For Plasma TVs

Record Growth For Plasma TVs

Panasonic, Samsung and LG are reaping the benefits of staying with Plasma TV technology with researchers reporting a 31% jump in global sales. Q1 2009 sales value was up 35% over 2008 according to Quixel Research.

The study says plasmas were the only large screen TV category to show significant growth quarter-to-quarter during the second quarter.

“Unit sales of 42-inch 720p plasma TVs were up 40 percent quarter-to-quarter as consumers were looking for value in uncertain economic times,” says Tamaryn Pratt, Quixel Research’s principal. “It also helped that all the models offered were from top brands so consumers felt comfortable making a competitively priced purchase backed up by a well-known brand.”

The surge in 42-inch 720p plasma models lifted the segment’s unit share of the large display category 4 percent quarter-to-quarter. Sales of 40-inch+ LCDs were flat and revenues were down 7 percent.

Large-sized LCD sales were up 17 percent year-to-year, and the segment accounted for almost 75 percent of both volume and value in the second quarter.