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Vodafone NZ Users To Avail Of Telstra Cyber Security Platform

Vodafone’s corporate and government clients in New Zealand will be able to use new Telstra’s cloud-based security platform after the company’s New Zealand division signed a deal with Telstra.

A statement from Vodafone said that the new platform, called Security Management Services, would combine artificial intelligence, event data and analytics to tackle potential threats before they take place offering real-time co-ordinated security responses to cyber and electronic threats.

The service will be supported by cybersecurity experts in Australia and New Zealand.

This new partnership and security platform will one of the core offerings within Vodafone NZ’s updated security plans, led by Warren Shera who joined Vodafone in September 2018.

Working with Telstra means that we now have a powerful intelligence and analytics platform at our fingertips,” said Shera. “The platform not only quickly identifies and explores cyber threats but is also able to see true mathematical anomalies.”

Telstra New Zealand managing director Rob Lee said: “It is fantastic to be able to bring Telstra’s Managed Security Solution to New Zealand through this agreement with Vodafone New Zealand, especially when much of this global solution has a strong New Zealand connection with the 2016 acquisition of advanced security analytics provider Cognevo based in Christchurch.

The Vodafone-Telstra deal came about due to the growing security challenges that businesses and the public sector are claimed to be facing.

Approximately half ( around 46%) of Vodafone’s public sector customers surveyed admitted they suspect their businesses experience cyber threats every month.

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