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Vive Pro 2 VR Headset With 5K Display Announced

HTC are aiming squarely at the burgeoning high-end VR market with the Vive Pro 2, which will hit the market on June 4.

The updated version of its Vive Pro sports 5K display resolution, with the refresh rate at 120Hz. The field-of-view will also be expanded to 120 degrees, and the company is suggesting the ‘screen door effect’ (the distracting distortion that happens when you can see the pixels) will be eliminated.

Design-wise, it’s basically the same as the original, which means it is still wired. However, you can purchase the Vive Wireless Adapter if you don’t wish to be tethered.

As noted, this is a high-end VR experience, for serious gamers, and will retail at roughly AUD$2350. This includes the headset, Base Station 2.0, and a pair of Vive controllers.

An upgrade from the original, without the peripheries, will cost ‘just’ AUD$1,189.

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