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New Samsung S4 Accessories That Track Your Health Announced

New Samsung S4 Accessories That Track Your Health Announced

Among the new accesories is the S Band which is a waterproof biometric bracelet that syncs with the S-health 2.0 app preloaded on the S4. It tracks, among many things, steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled and sleep patterns.

For gamers, the Game Pad fits around the S4 and mimics an Xbox controller with dual analog sticks, shoulder keys and action buttons. It features one-touch Bluetooth pairing via nearfield communication technology. Another unique  accessory is stereo ear buds with on-cord phone control and a flat cable for fewer tangles; as well as an extra 2,600 mAh Samsung factory battery with included charging base.

Samsung is also offering an S-health blood pressure monitor, an arm strap heart rate monitor (that also works with popular running apps) and a Bluetooth body scale. The S-health app can support up to seven different users in a household.

Wireless charging for the S4 is available with an add-on backplate receiver and pad. Samsung did not disclose whether any wireless charging capability is built into the phone.

A few options for cases are being offered. The Flip is a standard front cover case available in seven color choices. The S View case is basically a Flip with a cutout that reveals a small portion of the screen. When the case is closed, magnets alert the S4 to change its display to a summation of updates, including time, battery life, signal strength and number of new emails and texts, all visible through the cutout. The display turns off after a set time.

The ruggedized Protective Cover+ will also be offered, along with a genuine leather pouch case.

Accessories pricing and availability have not been finalized, Samsung said.