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US Removes Xiaomi From Blacklist

The U.S Department of Defense has announced it will remove Xiaomi from the Government blacklist.

A court filing obtained by Reuters shows that the American Government and the Chinese company, which was blacklisted by the Trump administration, would both agree to resolve litigation without further contest.

Shares in the embattled company have jumped 6 per cent in Hong Kong after the court filings were made public.

Xiaomi filing a lawsuit against the US Government after the U.S. Department of Defense placed the company on a list of firms with ties to the Chinese military. This meant Americans were unable to invest in the company, a move Xiaomi called “unlawful and unconstitutional”.

Xiaomi have denied any connection to the Chinese military.

It will be interesting to watch the movements of China’s Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation and Huawei Technologies, both of whom had similar bans placed on them by the Trump administration.

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