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Uniden Unveil Dual Camera Dash Cam

Uniden has unveiled a new in-car video recording kit with front and rear-facing cameras as well as a jump start kit for off-road drivers.

The Uniden iGO Cam 85R (A$349.95) is available next month and records ultra HD 4K video of the road in front and Full HD out of the rear.

An ultra-wide viewing angle of 160 degrees offers an expansive field of view, allowing users to capture incidents to support insurance claims or police investigations.

As well as high resolution video, the 85R also features a wide dynamic range to provide clearer footage at night and during the day.

Drivers can also be warned about speed and red light cameras, and keep track of their speed on the cam’s 2.4 inch LCD screen.

Built-in WiFi allows quick transfer to smartphones for playback and sharing of recordings, with additional data provided by GPS Geotagging, impact and motion detection.

The 85R is powered by a supercapacitator that offers longer recording times and a wider range of operating temperatures compared to li-ion batteries, with backup power to ensure safe storage of recordings before switching off.

Uniden has also announced a new 4WD jump start kit, providing portable power and roadside assistance to save long distance off-road drivers from being stranded in remote locations.

The UPP1000 jump start kit (A$199) releases this month and features a 500A start current and 1000A peak current, allowing it to jumpstart petrol engines up to 7 litres and diesel engines up to 5 litres multiple times on a single charge of its 10,000 mAh battery.

Uniden claims its smart clamp protection with prevent battery overloading on charge.

The jump start kit also acts as a portable powerbank, allowing users to charge devices over USB, and has an IP67 waterproof-shockproof rating.

An included LED flashlight can help stranded drivers get started in the dark, or attract attention in remote areas.

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