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When’s Windows 8 Pro Surface-ing OZ?

Announced in the US/Canada recently, Microsoft’s 128GB Surface Pro Windows 8 tablet with an Intel i5 processor is priced at US$999 and will go on sale there February 9.

There’s also a 64GB version.

A local Microsoft spokesperson we spoke to this week said the Aussie office is unaware when the Surface Pro is coming and there is “no announcement” yet forthcoming about the release. 

The Surface Windows RT, released here late last year, is a version of Microsoft Windows that is built for ARM-based tablets and PCs, while the new Windows 8 Surface Pro runs current Windows desktop applications and integrates with existing enterprise management infrastructure, meaning companies wont lose data.

However, both the 64GB and 128GB Surface Pros are listed on Microsoft’s Australia website as “coming soon” so it is presumably only a matter of time before it ‘Surfaces’ down under.

The Surface Pro, although advertised as 128GB storage, really only has 83GB available due to the memory heavy Windows 8 platform, thus uses up approximately 45 GB memory, before you even get your hands on it, according to Softpedia.

And if you look at the 64GB version, if the figures are the same, there only 19GB onboard storage, although Microsoft did point out to Softpedia the USB 3.0 port and SkyDrive support for an extra storage options.

Apple announced a 128GB iPad yesterday costing $869-$1099 depending on the model, as it looks to hold on to its enterprise users who it fears may look to the traditional software king’s Windows 8 tablet, already proving popular among business users.