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Twitter Introducing Encrypted Messages, Voice Calls,

Twitter is rolling out a slew of new features that actually add rather than subtract from the social media platform.

The first two are fairly minor. ‘DM Replies’ allows users to directly message anyone that leaves a message in a thread, rather than a message simply being added to the thread. This is similar to the inline messages already seen in Facebook Messenger chats and iMessages.

The second is an emoji picker, ” allowing you to react to messages with a wider range of emojis than ever before.”

But it’s the forthcoming features Elon Musk shared that are the most innovative.

“Release of encrypted DMs V1.0 should happen tomorrow,” Musk tweeted.

“This will grow in sophistication rapidly. The acid test is that I could not see your DMs even if there was a gun to my head,” he explained.

“Coming soon will be voice and video chat from your handle to anyone on this platform, so you can talk to people anywhere in the world without giving them your phone number.”

This latter feature is especially interesting, adding a whole new level of usability to the platform.

Of course, as with everything Musk announced, we’ll believe it when we see it.

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