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Veeemotion iOS App Wants To Be ‘Video-Instagram’

Veeemotion iOS App Wants To Be

The eerily named Veeemotion app for iPhones and iPads launched as a “developer version” in the UK back on the 9th of May, 2014, but just launched its new version 1.2.1 over the weekend in New Zealand. 
Touted as a “video-Instagram”-style app, it is being described as having “powerful social networking” features atop its video capturing and editing functions.
It also “offers a solution for those who want to create and share their videos, aspiring young home video makers who want to share their work, families wanting to document their memories safely, and businesses wanting to create high quality content for their websites.” 
Veeemotion’s very modern-looking site says you can connect with the Veeemotion community, discover videos about your interests and curate them to build up your own collection of interesting videos. 

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The company also describes itself as being “more than just video”, but as a “a home for the stories of your life” and a “safe place to store your memories and to embarrass your kids with when they turn 21”.

You can also “control who sees what, because even show offs have their private moments” as “some things are just not for sharing”. 
A “Veeemotion for Business” facility is coming soon, too, giving businesses a way to professionally create, present and share their videos with a wider audience. 
Developed in the UK, Veeemotion’s makers say the new version was launched in New Zealand first due to NZ’s “reputation for being early adaptors of such technology”, with New Zealand’s size making it “an ideal testing ground”.
Australians are also well known to be early adopters of technology, with cities like Adelaide often used by companies to pilot new technologies, but in this case, NZ scored a launch win over the Aussies without the help of its famous All Blacks Rugby team. 
As for the video app’s social networking component, Veeemotion says that videos created with the app can be shared and stored “publicly or privately on their own select network.”
So, what can Veeemotion actually do?
Its developers say the app boasts:
 – Multiple editing tools. These include: trimming and cutting, inserting video from your camera roll or other sources, special effects (e.g. slow motion and filters), captions (choose colour and font), titles and music.
– Multi-Filter capture features. The patent pending technology allows three versions to be filmed at the same time – unfiltered and filtered.  Filters can also be added in after.
– Sharing functions to Twitter, Facebook, google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn and also via SMS or email.
– Showcase. The app enables the user to create a multi-channel home for their videos.
– Unique privacy settings that do not allow the recipient of a shared video to “share on” private material unless given permission by the creator.

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Available to download now (as I’ve done in the Australian App Store), and free of charge without any in-app purchases to worry about, it works on iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch. The current version 1.2.1 is a 75mb download.  

You can sign in with an existing Facebook or Twitter login, or create your own separate Veeemotion login.  
A version of Veeemotion is also available for Android.