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TPG Hit By Cyber Attack

TPG has been hit by a cyber attack, with its legacy cloud hosting service, TrustedCloud, the target.

The company told investors that two TrustedCloud had their data accessed during the breach.

“The incident was isolated to the TrustedCloud service,” TPG said in a statement. “The TrustedCloud service is hosted in a standalone environment that is separate from our telecommunications networks and other systems.

“The incident has not impacted customers from any of our other brands, products or services. We have notified the relevant government authorities and we have engaged external cyber security experts to assist with management of the incident.

“We have introduced measures to improve the security of the TrustedCloud service. Although we are confident this incident has not impacted our other environments, we have also increased the cyber security defences across our entire business.”

TrustedCloud is set to be decommissioned and shut down at the end of August.

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