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TPG Expands 5G Coverage: “We’re Definitely Catching Up”

TPG Telecom hits an important milestone today, as its 5G network now covers 85 per cent of people in major cities around Australia.

TPG mobile networks executive Barry Kezik tells AFR they are inching in on Telstra, whose 5G coverage reaches 75 per cent of the entire country.

“We’re definitely catching up,” Kezik told The Australian Financial Review.

“The team’s done an exceptional job with all the challenges thrown at us on that front – we’ve been running at a rate of 100 sites per month of upgrades.

“We’re going to get 160 or more this month; we’re on a trajectory to do a similar thing in December. So it’s just going to keep growing and growing.”

The challenges Kezik alludes to include the government ban on Huawei infrastructure in 2018, which TPG’s coverage was built upon.

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