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H&M Move To Mainstream Smart-Clothing

H&M’s CTO Alan Boehme is hoping that clothing will soon play the role of wearables: measuring heart rates, hydration levels and more.

“All of the components are there,” Boehme told Bloomberg of his vision. “It’s the ability to uniquely put things together in patterns that we as individuals or as society have not yet done.”

The Swedish company partnered with fashion-tech company Boltware last year to prototype a denim jacket that “can mimic a hug.”

The product didn’t make it past consumer testing.

Last year, Nike released a new range of Adapt Huarache sneakers, a redesign of a 1991 range, with self-lacing motor technology, controlled by Siri via a Nike Adapt app.

Boehme also hopes to harness AI to reduce the company’s supply chain, fortifying them against future logjams and supply chain issues, while also reducing H&M’s carbon footprint.


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