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Too Much Too Soon For Tesla

Too Much Too Soon For Tesla

US magazine Consumer Reports has called Tesla’s Autopilot “Too Much Autonomy
Too Soon” in an article headline about the recent fatal crash involving a Tesla in Florida (CDN, July 4).

It has been alleged that the Tesla involved was being operated on Autopilot, its driverless steering system. The unusually critical article calls on Tesla to disable the hands-free feature until its safety can be improved.

Consumer Report said that, by marketing the feature as “Autopilot”, Tesla gives consumers a false sense of security. It expressed deep concerns that consumers are being sold a pile of promises about unproven technology.

More than 70,000 Tesla cars are equipped with Autopilot worldwide, although it’s not cleared for use in Australia.

Tesla has countered, saying it is consistently introducing enhancements to ensure drivers supported by Autopilot are safer than those driving without it. Maybe it should tell that to the family of Joshua Brown, the man who died.

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