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TikTok Downplays Chinese Communist Party Connection During Hearing

TikTok continues to be adamant about its policies protecting user data from ever being obtained by China’s Communist Party.

Senator James Paterson fired many questions to the company during a hearing for foreign interference on social media.

Representatives for the company claimed they had “never been asked for user data” by China and “wouldn’t provide it if asked.”

Executives said there were “rigorous protections to keep the data safe,” when pressed about whether they would be breaking Chinese national security by not providing data.

The Australian government banned public servants from downloading TikTok over concerns about China’s link, with the company continuously rebuffing national security concerns.

Paterson even accused Ella Woods-Joyce, director of public policy of “continued obfuscation” while struggling to get answers to his questions.

Ella pointed out TikTok didn’t store its data in China.

“We’ve never been asked for the use of data, and we would not provide it if we were.”

TikTok noted a questions around how many times Aussie data was accessed in China, with Head of US data security pacifying Paterson by explaining the “number of protections” in place.

Ella noted the company didn’t believe there was any evidence supporting TikTok was “in any way a national security threat.”

“We have worked very closely with the previous government and this government … We’re continuing to invest to keep our app and our users safe.”

Senator Paterson proceeded to ask her if that meant she believed the Australian government, along with US, Canadian, French, Danish, New Zealand, and English governments were wrong.

“There is no evidence to support the choice.”

Representatives were also pressed on censorship, to which they admitted, even though the app hadn’t always done right, it’s now committed to moderating the platform.

“(But) we don’t moderate content on any political sensitivity.”


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