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It was expected, now The Good Guys has pulled the plug on the collection of sales data by European research group GFK.

two months ago Harvey Norman pulled the plug on GFK in a move that leaves the consumer electronics and appliance industry without any reliable competitive sales data.

In a stastement issued to ChannelNews today GFK said, ‘The JB Group has informed GfK of its decision to withdraw Good Guys data from the GfK Australia Point of Sale Tracking service. The decision will take effect from late March, 2018’

Although some market sectors will be unaffected, for others the recent decision by leading retailers to discontinue their support will result in the absence of a comprehensive and independent point of sale currency for the Australia TCG industry.

To ensure that our clients can continue to make informed, fact-based decisions, GfK will build on our 25-year history of delivering robust and high quality business intelligence. We will continue to provide market measures, data services, and business insights to the Technical Consumer Goods industry, via the extensive range of methodologies and data tools available to us.

Additionally, GfK will continue our ongoing engagement and recruitment of new, relevant, retailers to the measurement, in preparation for the imminent and enormous changes ahead for the Australian retailing environment.

Terry Smart the CEO of The Good Guys was the CEO of JB Hi Fi when the decision was taken four years ago to deny GFK access to their sales data.