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Tesla Pulls The Plug On Free Recharging

New Tesla customers will be charged a fee to use the company’s recharging stations after a set limit, the company has announced.

From January 1 next year, new Tesla customers will be given 400 kWh of credit to use at Superchargers (about 1610 km) each year before being hit by a “small fee”, moving away from the existing model of free charging for life.

Almost 400,000 people who have put down US$1000 (or $1500 in Australia) to reserve Tesla’s next electric car, the more affordable Model 3. These customers are expected to be affected by Tesla’s plan to charge for Superchargers, as part of the company’s plan to cut costs.

“Just as you would charge your cell phone, we believe the best way to charge your car is either at home or at work, during the hours you’re not using it,” Tesla said in a blog post.

“As we approach the launch of Model 3, this update will enable us to greatly expand our Supercharger Network, providing customers with the best possible user experience and bringing sustainable transport to even more people.”

Tesla will release more details on the fees later in the year, with prices potentially fluctuating depending on time and regional costs. The company stated that Superchargers “will never be a profit center” for the company.

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